My all-electric adventure

I drove my Nissan LEAF home on Saturday August 18. After a moment of panic, “What have I done now?” I embraced the feeling of being a pioneer. I’ve never pioneered anything, even though as a child my goal was to be the first woman on Mars (I guess that’s still possible). I’ve always marveled at pioneers and wondered what made someone say, “let’s just go over one more mountain range to see what’s there.” But, here I found myself pioneering an all-electric vehicle with an advertised 100 mile range. I know that 100 miles is only achievable on a flat surface, in perfect 70 degree weather, with no extra weigh in the car (hmm. another reason to start that diet) and no headwinds. So, could an all-electric vehicle work for someone who lives in Jericho, VT (pop. 5,000)? 

It’s only been three days so time and temperature will tell. 


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