The stats

I work in Burlington, VT about 17 miles from home. There is no charging at work, yet. I’ve made the trip to Burlington and back 3 times so far and had no issues.  My regular commute is 34 miles round-trip. If I stop for groceries or have to run a kid some place after work I’m fine. I’m using a level 1 (regular 110v outlet or “trickle charge”) and brought it from 8% to 88% in 14 hours (6:00 p.m. – 8:00 a.m.). Today when I got home I had 46% remaining so I’ve set it to charge starting at midnight (even though we don’t have time of use rates – yet) and to stop once it reaches an 80% charge.

I did have an electrician put in a dedicated GFI plug ~$200. I don’t see the need for Level 2 (240 volt) charging yet. Time will tell.

I’m leasing the LEAF SV (lower trim package). $1,000 down and $294 a month, not cheap – but if I save 3 tankfuls of gas at $50 each a month that comes to $144. My electric bill will go up – the estimate is by ~$50 if I do all my charging at home. I know there are ~ 18 charging locations in Vermont and 5 more planned. And in two days I’m getting solar panels so theoretically I’ll be driving a solar powered car.

Just like with an internal combustion engine, speed, grade, temperature and weight all affect performance, they are just magnified in an EV. For instance my 17 mile drive in to Burlington only consumes 5 miles of range, my drive home 30. That’s the impact of grade. I’m driving a bit slower than I use to which is probably good all around.

The feeling I’m adjusting to is the same feeling I would get with a 1/4 tank of gas. I’ve never run out of gas and hope I’ll be able to say I’ve never run out of electrons.


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