Waiting for Rate 17

While I have yet to receive my first electric bill with my big new appliance (electric car) included in my use, I’m already thinking ahead to taking advantage of time of use rates that are included in Rate 17 for former CVPS customers. According to GMPs website:

“We also have a time-of-use rate enabled by our new smart meters, called Rate 17. Former CVPS customers can switch to this rate after the new meter is installed. This rate is not currently available for legacy GMP customers.”

This should give me an off peak rate from 8pm-7am and all weekend. Last I saw my Smart meter will be getting installed between November- December. I don’t know yet what the on peak/off peak rate differential is or how much of a difference it will make.


2 thoughts on “Waiting for Rate 17

  1. Karen, I saw a Leaf at Mobbs Farm the other evening and wondered if that was your car. Looks very nice. Thank you for sharing your experiences here and on Front Porch Forum. I’m not ready to go electric yet but would love to get away from gas-powered someday. It looks like the car has decent ground clearance (no exhaust in the way). I know some cars, electric or not, have difficulties on Fitzsimonds Road during mud season getting bogged down. I wonder how the Leaf will do.

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