The happening place on a Sunday morning in Jericho/Underhill

I headed up to JeriHill hardware to get a few more mums. They have the best around, 3 for $15 and a good size as well. As I exited the car a man came over and said, “I hate to pester you but can you tell me about your car?” I answered his questions and then he allowed how he had just purchased a Prius (non-plug-in) and wish he had known about the LEAF earlier since that’s what he would have bought. He had driven a Honda Insight for many years but needed a bit more room for hauling kids around. He felt that driving a Prius was a step backwards from the Insight.

He was interested in an electric vehicle as a hedge against gas prices. I told him I was leasing the car as I didn’t think it would hold its value with the rapid technology improvements and he suggested that if gas were $8 gallon it would probably not only hold its value but maybe even increase in three years. I hadn’t thought of it that way. You never know what you might learn at the hardware store.


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