tweaks and remodel recommendations

So here’s what I would change about the Nissan LEAF.

1. Make both front windows with a one touch up and one touch down feature. Just the driver’s side has that now.

2. I don’t know if this is particular to hatchbacks but boy does my back get dirty, especially after running on dirt roads.

3. Show the gear (D, ECO especially) up higher so they are not obscured by the steering wheel when it’s being turned. It’s usually during a turning movement that I might want to shift into to D but I can’t see what gear I’m in because it’s blocked by the turned wheel.

4. A different means of showing range left. The problem with the current method is that it says, in essence, if you keep driving like you’re driving this instant you can go x number of more miles. Turn off the AC and your number changes, coast down a hill and it changes, go up a hill and it changes. The issue in a non-flat region is that the number is too variable.

While your mpg also changes with all those factors the wide changes within seconds that the electric range displays is distracting. Maybe it’s working at some level though because for the first time I grew a full tree on my way in to work today.

September 7 update:

5. A light in the charge port. Last night was the first time I plugged in after dark and a light in the charge port would have made the job easier.

6. A way to open the charge port without being in the car. I’m not always sure I’m home for the day so I don’t plug in until later. I have to open the drivers door and open the charge port (I know those are 15 seconds I’ll never get back ;). It would be good if it had a button on it like the doors that lock and unlock with a touch (as long as you have the key on you).


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