Saudi Arabia and the 202 thank you

I had to drive an internal combustion engine vehicle the other day. In the logistics that all parents go through the deal was that my husband would drop off and pick up the child at a friends house and in between go watch the Nationals v. Cardinals. He took the LEAF.

30 minutes before pick up time I get a text: “The game is really close, won’t make pick up, can you get her?”, I replied, “Yes, but I’ll have to take the loud, smelly and expensive car.”

The noise was the first thing I noticed when I started up the Jetta. That and a feeling I was littering. It was odd being in a car that was literally burning something to propel it. Fire in a car? How odd.

When I arrived at the friend’s house my daughter was distraught that I hadn’t driven the LEAF. “Why didn’t you drive the good car?”

When we got home the text read, “Saudi Arabia and the 202 thank you. The Nats won.”


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