I’ve had two recent exchanges that made me think that today’s electric vehicles are not understood. The first was someone who works in the electric sector asking me if I had to give up a lot of amenities with my EV. My quick answer was no, in fact I’ve never had a car with heated seats (front and back), heated steering wheel, bluetooth, xm satellite, navigation system, and a pre-heating/cooling option. In his mind EVs were still stripped down vehicles.

The second comment came from someone who had worked for decades in the solar industry, so as you can see neither of these were true “civilian” when it comes to energy. When I showed him my car he said, “wow, I thought it would be this tiny thing.” In his mind EVs were still souped up golf carts.

So, if these two had these old stereotypes in their minds I’m sure others do as well. I don’t think the auto manufacturers have done a good job, or much of any job, promoting these vehicles as part of their national advertising. I did see the more car than electric Chevy Volt ads, which perhaps were aimed at dispelling the old myths. I haven’t seen anything that describes what it feels like to go from 0-50 faster than ever nor the feeling of driving past gas stations ($3.96) without the price hitting shocking you.


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