A Volt, a LEAF and a MiEV pulled up to a charger

While this sounds like an opening to a joke, I have no punch line. This is what happened on my second trip to Montpelier this week. I pulled up to the charging station behind City Hall only to find a Chevy Volt already plugged in. My range was questionable since I had already driven into Burlington and back to Jericho before starting for Montpelier. A gentleman walked up to the Volt and I asked him if it was his car, “No, I have the Mitsubishi MiEV over there. I’m down here for lunch and was looking to plug in as well.” He suggested it was time to go the Montpelier City Council to ask that they add another charger and clearly identify the spot as EV parking only. “The availability of this charger just isn’t reliable” he said.

As a friendly Montpelierite and fellow all-electric vehicle driver he invited me to plug in at his home on the other side of the city. I followed his MiEV out of the parking lot to his home, in a section of Montpelier I never knew existed. I was able to plug in and he gave my colleague who was along for his first EV trip a ride back into town.  Our meeting complete another colleague gave us a ride back to his house and my car was fully charged and off we zoomed back to Richmond.

Maybe the punch line is, “must mean you’re in Montpelier.”


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