They’re showing up more and more places

My daughter took the Megabus from NYC to VT two weekends ago and texted me three words, “LEAF on 91”. Last weekend when I drove down to visit here my text would have read, “Volt on 89”. Since mid-July the number of EVs registered in Vermont has grown 34% and they are now present in over 65 communities. While this only represents 120 cars there are some communities where they are taking off to a greater extent.

Rutland and Colchester were the strong communities in July, due no doubt to them serving as the headquarters for GMP and CVPS. The October map now shows Bennington, Brattleboro and Montpelier catching up to them with Morrisville and South Burlington coming on strong.



Warm feet

This was the first morning when I felt the need to turn on the heat in my LEAF.  I had the seat warmer and heated steering wheel on but my feet were still a little cold. I hadn’t pre-heated my car since I had misjudged the feel of 42 degrees. So, on went the heat. It took a few minutes to really blow warm air (just like a conventional car) but when it did it was more than adequate. I even had to turn it down as it got too warm. I monitored by energy use and was pleasantly surprised to see little impact, certainly far less than I had noticed when I turned on the air conditioning. The true test will come when the air temperature is minus 10 but arriving at my destination with warm feet is a good start.