Three months stats

Things have settled in with my LEAF. The encounters with the EV curious have become more predictable; how does it work, where do you charge, how long does that take, how does it handle in the snow, how much electricity does it use, how much does it cost. Really cold weather has yet to set in so there’s not much to report beyond the Car Wings statistics:

Distance Traveled: 3,252.6 miles

Average Energy Economy: 3.9 miles/kWh

Electricity Consumption: 847.4 kWh

Travel Time: 100.5 hours

CO2 Tailpipe Emission Reduction*: 2103 pounds

My Car Wings standing has dropped to “Bronze” meaning I’m not driving as efficiently as other LEAF owners. I think I know exactly which trips put me under. And, of course there was the time my husband took the car and he wanted to see how fast it could go up French Hill (pretty fast he said).


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