John, this one has no gas.

When I dropped the car off to get snow tires put on I made sure to mention that it was an all-electric and I may need to explain how to drive it. Carol responded, “oh we’ve had plenty of those.” I was somewhat incredulous until she went on to say, “you won’t believe the number of Prius’ we’ve had and Highlanders.” Realizing the common confusion between a hybrid electric which generates all it’s power from a gasoline engine and a plug-in vehicle I said, “this one is all electric, there is no gas.” She quickly shouted back to her husband, “John this one has no gas.” He poked his head out and I explained how it got put in gear (just tap the shift to the gear you want and it will slip back to the middle) he repeated my instructions and seemed to think, “no big deal.”

When I picked it up at the end of the day John was there and said it took him awhile to get it started. I suggested it was the lack of sound because all you do is push the button while you’re foot is on the brake. I mentioned how great it was not to buy gas and how much money I saved, choosing not to mention that I wouldn’t be needing any oil changes. But, I concluded, “it still needs tires.”


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