Have you tried plugging it in and other tales of user error

Well it finally happened. I woke up the other morning, got in my car and… 8 miles of range. I must have been some distracted to have set the timer gotten out of the car and head into the house without actually plugging it in. I haven’t spent too much time looking into an inductive charger (no plugging in, just drive over the device and it can charge from there) and I’m not sure one lack of plugging in means I really should look into it more, but it sure sounds convenient.

I also had occasion one morning to remember that there really is a difference between a.m. and p.m. This was more of an annoyance. Looking to get another hour or two of charge,I parked at the City Market charger and gone to the Y to work out. Upon my return my range hadn’t changed. It was then that I realized that I hadn’t changed the timer from p.m. (my usual time of charging) to a.m.

Hopefully these two lessons learned and I won’t experience anymore user errors.



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