RutVegas with 8 miles to spare.

It was a cold and long drive from Jericho to Rutland last night but with a stop in Middlebury at the ACRPC for charging (and fueling at the Middlebury Food Coop), I made it to Rutland. The ambient air temperature was in the low 20’s and I drove at about 45 mph (except when the speed zone was 25 I actually drove 25).

I was able to plug in to my brother’s external outlet and it reached the car without an extension cord. It said it would take 19 hours to re-charge but 12 hours later it was done.

The drive back was a little faster and while the air temperature was about the same the sun was out. I didn’t turn on the heat either direction to increase range and while my body was warm my feet did get cold. I wonder how much range would really be sacrificed in cars had better insulation. While it would clearly add some weight you wouldn’t need as much heat and cooling – just like air sealing and insulating your house.

My stop in Middlebury on the way back created me with 3 cars plugged in!

ACRPC 24 December 20123 Cars Plugged-In!

ACRPC 24 December 2012
3 Cars Plugged-In!

I made it both ways with 8 miles to spare at the end. I might wait to do it again until it’s 60 degrees out or I get the next version of the LEAF that will have more range and better heating.


1 thought on “RutVegas with 8 miles to spare.

  1. Karen: I’m the gentleman who test drove with you back in, I think July. Tim gave me your blog info & I’ve been reading your blog for months. I will be ordering a US made red 2013 Leaf SV this month for delivery in February. I truly appreciate your stories about your experieces. Keep posting. Happy holidays, Adam Bortz

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