Is everything alright ma’am?

A first for me, getting pulled over because I was going slow – not too slow mind you, just slow. I made the gamble that I could make it home with 22 miles of range. I knew it would be cutting it close and debated taking the back road rather than the interstate but went for the interstate figuring I could just go the minimum speed. I was tootling along at 48-50 mph (well above the 40 mph minimum I noted).

Then I see the blue lights and have a slight giggle – “really, pulled over for going this speed?” The nice officer approach and wanted to make sure everything was ok. I explained that I was going slow to try to extend my range noting I was going well above the minimum. Ok, he said it’s just that I was making everyone slow down (isn’t this what they want?). I made it home with 2 miles of range to spare and a grin.


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