Month 5 data

4773.1 Miles

Average Energy Economy: January*: 2.9 miles/kWh

August – December 31*: 3.6 miles/kWh

1352 kWh Electricity Consumption

153.8 hours Travel Time

3084 lbs. CO2 Tailpipe Emission Reduction

CarWings only has a month and annual by calendar year option so for the consumption values I just added the August – December 31 with the January to date numbers but for the efficiency I think I would have to provide a weighted measure to each number before combining. My abilities extend only so far as to know that I just can’t average the two since this is a measure of electricity used to miles traveled.

If some one out there would like to figure it out: For 2012 I consumed 1211 kWh and traveled 4369.2 miles (3.6 miles per kWh). For January to date I consumed 148.9 kWh and traveled 426.7 miles (2.9 miles per kWh).




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