Regen at 10 below?

I’ve noticed what seems like an odd phenomenon in these cold temperatures. When the battery only has one bar of warmth there is no regenerative braking. This morning when I drove down the hill to the interstate which is normally done in almost entirely regen mode there was no regen occurring. Could it be that a cold battery can’t absorb this power? Once I got two bars of battery warmth I got some regenerative power but not the same level as I have seen on milder, as in above zero degree, days.

There is also no question that the cold weather does zap range. I’ve been charging it up to 100% which gives me enough to keep the cabin warm and make it to and from Burlington even at 11 below, which was this morning’s trip. The dealer had recommended that on below zero nights (and days) to charge to 100%. There also seems to some missing correlation between temperature and the GFI tripping. Now, I’ve seen it do it even at 5 above while other times it will be ok at 5 below. Maybe there’s some humidity factor that needs to be considered. The last two nights I have just brought the extension cord indoors and it’s been charging fine.

And unlike my sister-in-laws Subaru that didn’t start this morning my LEAF started just fine.



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