Only in Vermont

On Wednesday I traveled from Jericho to Montpelier to Burlington before catching a plane to DC. The new charging station next to the State House was a great place to park and charge during my meeting. My flight back was scheduled to arrive at 11:40 p.m. and knowing that we were expecting one more near or below zero night I wanted to make sure that I would have plenty of juice for a heated ride home. As I’ve mentioned before I’ve been ICE’d out of the great EV parking spaces at BTV three times previous so this time I decided to email my contact at BTV and inquire about the possibility of reserving one of the spots.

In less than 5 minutes I got an email back with a photo showing them both available and an offer if they weren’t when I arrived to use some of the other plugs they have for block heaters. “Just let me know the make, model and color of your car and I’ll let them know.” So, I now feel confident that I’ll be able to access a plug at BTV. IMG_0289

Now if they only offered a car wash as well.


1 thought on “Only in Vermont

  1. Thank you so much for your continued blog on this. I live in Jericho too and am contemplating purchasing a Leaf. I remembered I saw a few posts on Front Porch Forum from neighbors about owning one, so through that, I tracked down this blog. Reading it in it’s entirety is giving me a clearer picture of ownership. My biggest fear: running out of battery somwhere and being stranded. I see it’s a clear planning issues. Thanks again for your continued information.

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