Close but no cigar

Another trip meant another stop at BTV. This time there was a Volt in one of the two spots and the other EV spot was open. The volt was plugged in to one of the outlets so I figured I’d take the other outlet. I pulled out my charger and went to plug it in to the second outlet. I opened the covering and found a 240 volt plug. Well my 110 charger plug wouldn’t fit and yes I did try. So, I hung my charger next to the Volt plug and left a note on the Volt windshield asking that they plug me in when they returned. I was gone for 4 days so I thought there was a good chance they would be back before me. I kept checking my status on CarWings hoping to get the signal that it was plugged in and ready to charge. The signal never came.

When I got back to BTV late Sunday night – that’s a whole other travel story, the Volt was still there. I packed up my charger and removed my note and found that even though it had been 4 plus days with single digit nights I had only lost 2 miles of range. The car started up just fine, and since I still had plenty of range I cranked up the heat. I suspect that we were both happy to get home and get plugged in.



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