98% of the time

While we all have different travel behavior yesterday was one of those days where I needed my ICE car or more Level 2 chargers. I drove from Jericho to Hinesburg and back and then from Jericho to Montpelier and back and Jericho to S. Burlington with stops in Williston and back. Easily over 100 miles. If I had a level 2 charger at home,  one at the National Life building in Montpelier and one in Williston I could have made it in the Leaf. Or if there was one level 3 Charger in Montpelier I could have made it.

It did make me think about how realistic this kind of travel is for those who would prefer to just get in a car and if necessary stop at one of the many gas stations for 6 minutes to refuel and continue on, without considering their travel speed or the amount of ancillary power the heating or AC may require nor the cost. It’s getting close but in early 2013, with a 2012 model year Leaf it’s not quite there yet. A few more chargers and a few more miles of range at an affordable price and it will be. It’s days like this that make me feel like a pioneer.


2 thoughts on “98% of the time

  1. Karen: Thanks for your info. I’m fortunate to be able to use my Leaf solely around Burlington area. It is the same color as yours & due here by middle of March. Best wishes.

  2. Karen:
    nice blog about your car.I am a car lover that’s why i read each and every blog regarding cars.But your blog really appreciate me to buy this kind of car.

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