Just pull on it really hard

I drove down to Montpelier last week and found a lovely parking space next to the new charger at the State House. It was in the single digits when I pulled in and activated the charger. The cord however would not release. I called the service number on the charger to see if they had any suggestions, I didn’t want to accidentally break it. The woman at the other end said they do sometime freeze in place in cold weather and I just needed to pull on the cord really hard. It was clear to me though that the frozen in place was not the plug but the metal release button on the top of the handle, it wouldn’t budge, so I whacked it and heard the magical sound of the plug releasing. So, when it’s frozen it’s not so much “pull on it real hard” but “whack it good.”

I also stopped at the new charger in Waterbury at the GMCR visitors center, free wifi and of course coffee.IMG_0315[1] Now if only these charging locations also offered a car wash.


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