Improvements in the 2013 Leaf

As followers will recall I am leasing a 2012 Nissan Leaf. Early on I mentioned some easy improvements; light under the charge port, external access to the charge port and better range measurement. Of course more range and a better heater also joined the list. Well the 2013 Leaf seems to address most of these issues. There’s now a light in the charge port and you can open it from outside the car. In addition the new heating system uses heat pump technology and is reported to heat the cabin much more effectively, in the same way a heat pump system would heat your home far more efficiently. This article from Edmunds is entitled, “Why Current Leaf Owners Should Hate the 2013 Leaf.”

Basically the rapid rate of improvement makes earlier models and versions pale by comparison. This is the major reason why I leased rather than purchased my Leaf. I have no doubt the 2015 model, which Nissan says will be able to park itself (semi-autonomous?), will be light years ahead of the 2012 I’m driving now. I can’t wait.


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