Turning over a new LEAF

It’s been almost 9 months since I started driving an all-electric car. I’ve driven it in snow, rain, back roads, dirt roads and rough driveways. I’ve charged it at negative 20 and up through the 90’s. There were fewer than 10 charging stations in Vermont when I first started and now we’re closing in on 30. The new updated Church and Main street station in Burlington is a great addition.Burlington station

The most common end to a conversation I have with a non-ev driver when we get through the common questions: How far? How long? How much (always sheepishly asked), How much electricity? How about snow? and all the other Hows is, “thank you for saving the planet.”

This blog journey has come to an end but you can keep following the Vermont EV story at http://www.driveelectricvt.com/

If this blog has helped convince you that an electric car can work for you in a rural, cold weather, hilly state while saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars you can take a pledge on the Drive Electric Vermont website that “My Next Car Will Be Electric”. I look forward to seeing many more EVs on the road and folks may just say to you, “Thank you for saving the planet.”


4 thoughts on “Turning over a new LEAF

  1. Karen: I truly appreciate your blog. It encouraged me to acquire one, red like yours. Hope to see you driving around. Mine is only for the Burlington area, though. Later, Adam

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