I don’t know what she’s doing sweetie

I stopped at the Waterbury charging station on my way back from Montpelier on my way to Green Drinks in Stowe. As I pulled in to charge a young girl, maybe 5 years old and her mother were on the dock and the daughter said, “why is she getting gas.”  The mother said, “I didn’t know they had gas here.” As they got closer she saw that it wasn’t a gas pump and said, “I don’t know what she’s doing sweetie.” I explained to them that my car didn’t use any gasoline but ran on electricity which I was getting from the charging stations here. By then a gentleman approached and inquired about how the vehicle worked, how long it took to charge, etc. the usual questions.

I went in to get something while I accessed the web for work and mentioned that I was charging up. They got quite excited and asked if they could take a picture and post it on their website. Thank you Green Mountain Coffee Roasters!